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Who Are We And What Do We Provide?

Fireplace CSIA Sweeps and Inspection.  Hadley Chimney Sweep & Inspection.

Hadley Chimney Sweeps is a group of hard working sweeps who have amassed years of professional training, experience and proven hard work. 

This has earned us the top industry standard. We carry the highest certification and classification in the chimney industry, and provide a 30-day warranty on all labor from the day the work is completed.

Does Your Chimney Need To Be Cleaned?

Chimney Cleaning & Sweep.  Hadley Chimney Sweep

There are several tell-tale signs that let you know you need to have your chimney swept:

* Soot dropping into your fireplace

* A strong odor coming from your fireplace or stove

* An animal infestation in your chimney

* You don’t know the last time your chimney was serviced

* Tar (creosote) build-up

What is Creosote and Why Is It Dangerous?

Chimney Sweep removes creosote and deadly soot.  Hadley Chimney Sweep.

Creosote is a residue that builds up over time in your chimney. This build-up occurs when the oils from burning wood or other fossil fuels aren’t completely burned, and these oils travel up the chimney through the fire’s smoke. This reacts with the water and other chemicals on the interior of your chimney and produces creosote, or tar build up. 

It comes in three different stages. chimney sweep chimney cleaning gas fireplace repair

How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Swept?

Chimney cleaning.  Arlington chimney sweep. Hadley Chimney Sweep. Fireplace Clean. Chimney sweep.

Professionals recommend that you have your chimney professionally swept at least once per year. And it's important to use a professional. There are many chimney cleaning companies in the area  offering their services for half the going rate. They often send out unqualified personnel who have not received proper training in chimney cleaning and inspection.
So when shopping for a chimney sweep, remember that you get what you pay for. 

What Is A Damper And Can An Open One Be Costly?

Chimney repair. Chimney dirty. Hadley chimney sweep.  Arlington Chimney Sweep.

A damper is typically located just above the firebox in your chimney. It seals your fireplace shut when it’s not in use to prevent heated air from escaping up the chimney when you’re not using the fireplace. 

An open damper can cost you hundreds in heating costs. Our chimney experts at Hadley Chimney Sweeps make sure that your existing damper is working properly. They are also equipped to install one if you need it. chimney cleaning gas fireplace repair Dallas Arlington Fort Worth

What Kind of Firewood Should You Use, Seasoned or Unseasoned?

Fireplace wood chimney cleaning.  Chimney Repair. Fireplace clean.

When you are burning firewood, seasoned wood should be your first choice. It is the kind of wood that has, after cutting, been left out in the weather for a long time. It will be gray or dusty in appearance from the outside.

It will however be white and dry on the inside. This is what you want to burn as there aren’t huge amounts of residue that come from the wood to cause chimney blockages. These blockages can cause fires inside of your chimney. chimney sweep chimney cleaning gas fireplace repair Dallas Arlington Fort Worth


Hadley chimney sweep & chimney inspection is vital for a safe chimney and home. Hadley chimney sweep

About Us

Hadley Chimney Sweeps was started out of the pure need to save up for future college expenses.  We do more than simply clean your chimney. We inspect your chimney and chase, and make sure that your chimney and fireplace are not dangerous. The pride we take in our craft is reflected in the quality of our workmanship. When you contact Hadley Chimney Sweeps, you are assured of fast, reliable service performed in a friendly and courteous manner.

Chimneys and chimney sweeps have been around for centuries. The Romans were the ones who started it.

Level 1 Chimney Sweep & Inspection - From $99 - $199. (Price based on location, 1-2 story roof)

We clean & inspect the  fireplace, refractory panels, masonry, grate, smoke shelf,  damper and flue all the way up to the top.  Most work is completed from hearth level and takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Chimney sweep, Chimney cleaning and chimney cleaning and repair.  *Dallas *Fort Worth *Arlington *Mansfield *and surrounding areas

Fireplace inspection and chimney cleaning & repair is vital for a safe home.  Hadley Chimney Sweep

Level 2 Video Camera Inspection $159

We are also able to inspect your flue with video technology if you're having issues and are unable to see. chimney sweep chimney cleaning gas fireplace repair Dallas Fort Worth Arlington

Annual Chimney Sweep & Inspection

Check out this great video chimney sweep gas fireplace repair

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